Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Online and Traditional Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Online and Traditional Education - Essay Example Today, people are living in an era that is characterized by convenience. Technology and time have provided individuals, who were previously incapable of gaining access to graduate or undergraduate degree programs because of family responsibilities and time restrictions. A program used to take more approximately four years for students to complete traditional colleges. Today, it is possible to complete the course in about two years based on the benefits affiliated with short durations in class. Nonetheless, this does not mean that online education for campus residents will go away. Since traditional classrooms provide opportunities for teachers and learners to interact in line with a plethora of other, vital benefits result from students pursuing traditional education. This means that there is still a need for traditional education. For instance, research has revealed that students that embark on one-on-one interaction with other students and their teachers tend to portray more balanc e academically compared to their online colleagues. This serves as one of the major reasons as to why employers still prefer those students with traditional college qualifications (Bird). Certain differences exist between traditional and online education. For instance, all students tend to adopt their learning processes differently. Hence, with the rapid advancing technology today, the question does not target taking classes online, but the ideal ways of implementing them, classrooms provide opportunities.

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