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Bloodstain analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Bloodstain analysis - Essay ExampleOn that fateful Tuesday night, on March 14th, 1995, they seemed to be enjoying themselves while having drinks at a local legal community. Bonnie had left office at 7.15pm to meet with warren they kept drinking while at the bar until 11.09pm. Their house was situated just four miles away, and this was good since they were drunk. Thirty minutes after leaving the bar, Warren made a call to 911 (Mann, 2010).On the recording, Warren is frantic he canful be clearly heard in the background yelling as the dispatcher contacts the paramedics. Even though Warren is panicking, he tells the dispatcher that his wife had calamus herself. Warren notifies the dispatcher that his wife is turning blue he is instructed to begin CPR. Warren obeys the instructor, and this is confirmed as he can be heard breathing into his wifes mouth. After another call, he tells the dispatcher that his wife had shot herself in the throat and that she is still breathing. By the time the law enforcement and the paramedics arrived at the premise, Bonnie Horinek had already died. She was lying on their matrimonial bed, dressed in a pink nightgown that clearly shown that she had been shot in the chest. Warren was busy trying to resuscitate his wife by performing CPR. The paramedics informed him that she had already died, but he could not stop. He could not heed any of their instructions, and this led them to drag him out of the room (Mann, 2010).The crime scene had two different weapons placed on the bed as spy and recorded by the police. A twelve gauge Winchester shotgun was placed at the edge of the bed, and a thirty-eight caliber revolver was placed conterminous to Bonnie. The house had no signs of a break-in, and this meant that no one else was at the house. The police observed two scenarios the husband killed his wife in one of his drunken outbursts or either she had killed herself. From the beginning, Warren claimed that his wife shot herself. As the invest igations continued,

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