Thursday, June 20, 2019

Historical and contemporary issue in aging-Death Assignment

Historical and contemporary issue in ripening-Death - Assignment Example senescent has become debate, especially with the various scientific advancements that seek to lengthen human existence (Heery & Richardson, 2009). However, this has received mixed responses at cross-cultural levels with some cultures in realize and others in opposition. The mixed responses often concern the acceptance of longevity of lives among the society, with contemporary society in support of these advancements (Overall, 2006). Different individuals bear varying perspectives and attitudes concerning their demise hence bringing about decease-stage theories and management of death attitudes among these individuals.People from diverse perspectives possess differing viewpoints concerning aging, with the physician perspective being in favor of death after aging since at this moment, the body is usually worn-out to handle daily struggles. Theological perspective considers death appropriate up to the period one dies a inborn death, other than utilizing other methods such as euthanasia (Mitchell, Orr & Salladay, 2004). In modern-day world, death emanating from old age has considerably declined with physical fitness that enables the aging to detect cognitive strength in order to diminish cases of dementia and strengthen cardiovascular for extended existence and normal aging. Activities for instance contemporary dance welcome considerably influenced lifespan for aging individuals thus assisting in reducing negative death attitudes (Coubard, Duretz, Lefebvre, Lapalus & Ferrufino, 2011). This is because the aging have the assurance of a normal death compared to death that occurs due to aging complications.Individuals within certain countries have positive attitudes towards death considering that they have completed their lifespan, and are often involved in professional leap that has considerable influence on their end-of-life-care. The aging in the Japanese culture considers dancing corres ponding to aging, since it assists in reducing death

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