Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Network Implementation Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Network Implementation - Coursework Example I propose the use of the security configuration wizard. This wizard will help in the disabling of unnecessary services. It also will provide advanced security support. This will be the windows firewall (Windows Server, n.d.). It is also advantageous because it can deploy group security policies. The printers in the office will be shared among the different workstations. Reason for this proposal is that with a shared printer, different printing rights and regulations can be set for the different workstations. The printing patterns of the different workstations can also be monitored. I plan to implement RAID. This is a technique of data storage. The data is saved at different locations. Usually, this is on several hard disks. The input, as well as output operations, work together in a balanced way. One advantage of using RAID is that it increases the fault tolerance of a network. This is the increase in the meantime that is between failures (MTBF). In this case, I propose the use of RAID 1. Reason for this is because it provides the best tolerance to a fault. It also is the best for environments with many users. To allow for quick migration in the business, I also propose to use Hyper-V. This will allow for business continuity (Microsoft Corporation, 2009). The technology is used as it will help improve the efficiency of the computing resources. With this technology, the server is more efficient. It is able to run several operating systems at the same time. I suggest the use of Hyper-V as there are different applications and software and that is best run from different operating systems. Thereby, it would be best if there were several of these in place ready to run simultaneously. To handle document handling and sharing, I propose the use of NAS (network attached storage). This computer will function to allow√É‚  for the sharing, storage as well as backing up of documents from any machine in the network. The technology will also allow for the syncing of data as it is updated across all the storage devices.

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