Sunday, September 8, 2019

Nursing ethical dilemma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nursing ethical dilemma - Essay Example Such scenarios make it necessary to study the ethical dilemmas faced by nurses to avoiding getting in trouble. Nurses ought to have moral concepts that would ensure that they provide care that is correct, rational and good. Nurses are obliged to give their patients the chance to express their feeling and choose the way they want nurses to serve them. Decision-making and science are the rationales under which ethical nursing care is based on. The essay focuses on two moral dilemmas that are common with practicing nurses in their daily activities. The essay relates the two ethical dilemmas faced by nurses to a particular moral principle that nurses should possess. Nurses are guided by a set code of ethics, which are meant to guide nurses on their actions and help to help solve moral dilemmas. The second part of the essay after the introduction part deals with the first ethical dilemma and the moral principle that relates to the dilemma. The third part of the essay tackles the second dilemma and just like the second part, the section also discusses the ethical principle under which the dilemma falls under. Conclusion is the final part of the paper, and this is where the major points in the essay are put in a clearer perspective. Nurses have reported cases of having to deal with patients who exercise their rights to say no to any directives given to them by nurses. Patients with Anorexia, an eating disorder that is becoming common refuse to take food given to them by nurses as the condition makes an individual detest eating. Patients suffering from the disease fail to eat any food provided to them by nurses and in the process, their body starts consuming itself damaging the patients health. Such an issue raises questions such as how nurses deal with patients who refuse to eat even if eating is imperative for them getting better. Another question on nurses’ mind is the motive behind such a patient’s decision of not

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