Saturday, October 19, 2019

CRITIQUE OF PROFESSIONAL READING JOURNAL Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CRITIQUE OF PROFESSIONAL READING JOURNAL - Essay Example Her recent work has focused largely on similar issues such as the fundamental processes in learning to read English by Chinese students: both - children as well as adults, and learning to read Chinese by skilled English readers (online, 20101). Dr. Keiko Koda works as Professor of Japanese and Second Language Acquisition at the Univeristy of Illinois, and has extensive experience in the field of second langauge reading competence. Her recent works include a series of studies aimed at investigating the conjoint impacts of first language literacy and second language print exposure on the formation of reading sub-skills in typologically diverse second languages (Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese). (online, 20102). Second language acquisition and development is a widely researched subject and has been used by various researchers to explore the nuances of language learning among second language learners. The topic discussed in the present article deals with diverse issues related to language acquisition, such as the word identification skills among different sets of college students having diverse linguistic backgrounds (Chinese and Korean) and enrolled in learning English as a second language. The main objective of the authors was to understand the language acquisition process employed by students belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds through exploring the similarities and differences between their methods of learning a common language. Such a study would pave way for further research and bring about major changes and improvements in the manner in which second language training is imparted and courses designed. For this purpose, a study was conducted on two distinct groups of college students all of whom were ESL students. They were tested by way of a naming experiment and an auditory category judgment task.

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