Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Social media essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Social media - Essay Example This is a key aspect of networking as it allows the sharing of ideas and learnt concepts for the betterment of the society. Social networking has been demonstrated to overlap with academic life in that it creates an opportunity to generate events related to coursework. As such, various stakeholders get to meet and discuss different issues regarding in line with assignments while offering a first-hand interaction with instructors. This serves to revolutionize the learning experience by providing ample support systems in the education sector, which works to improve its quality. Other than keeping in touch with friends, making new ones, and sharing ideas, social networking sites serve as a source of entertainment especially with the integration of online gaming communities. Moreover, social media provides information on the latest occurrences in sports and showbiz through feeds to local news channels. The world’s economy is a significant beneficiary of social media owing to massive marketing strategies employed to capture the attention of users. Social networking in marketing allows organizations to cut back on their costs of advertising and reaching out to potential clients and even reaching new markets. This is because with a tight or non-existent budget whatsoever for marketing, an organization can wage an all-out war on marketing through social networks since it is mostly free. In addition, the rise of social media sites has seen potential employers tear through the sites in search of information on their potential employees. Search engine and social networking sites provide a cheap model for background research where funds can be saved while getting the work done. Social networks also create an efficient platform on which college graduates can market themselves through professional networks. In spite of the positive aspects of social media, lack of moderation often

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