Friday, October 18, 2019

The role of race in drug prosecutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 words

The role of race in drug prosecutions - Essay Example nd historical premises behind all the increasing tendency of South Asian men to be found in Britain’s prisons.The Paper concludes that given that it is true that the majority of offenders are Asian and are perceived as a threat to public order and drug prevention they should be understood for their relative economic and social conditions. This is particularly true for drug offences and acquisitive crime. The biases of the police and the ordinary public are accordingly reviewed with their reasons in this regard. Household crimes – For household offences, all members of the household can be regarded as victims, so the respondent answers on behalf of the whole household. The offence categories concerned are: bicycle theft; burglary; theft in a dwelling; other household theft; thefts of and from vehicles, and vandalism to household property and vehicles. Personal crimes – For personal offences, the respondent reports only on his/her experience to the BCS. This applies to the following offence categories: assault, sexual offences, robbery, theft from the person, and other personal theft. Information is also collected on threats. Sampling error – A sample is a small-scale representation of the population from which it is drawn. As such, the sample may produce estimates which differ from the figures which would have been obtained if the whole population had been interviewed. Statistical significance/Weighted data – Raw data from the survey is adjusted in various ways at the data processing stage to correct for imbalances introduced in sampling and by the design of the interview. The overall aim of this study is to provide an understanding of how violence and drug crime has been understood from the perspective of race particularly for South Asian offenders in England. Therefore this study will aspire to enhance current explanations, and explore connections between various forms of violence and race, with a view to aid prevention, reduction and eventual

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