Thursday, May 16, 2019

A personal visit ro a court in this semester Article

A personal visit ro a court in this semester - Article Example after(prenominal) the search, we were allowed to walk freely into the courtroom. I approached the receptionist and explained to her that my visit was part of my coursework, after which I was to write a report. She say me to the six courtrooms available and told me to select one. I chose the first courtroom and sat at the public head with other members of the public who were there to watch the proceedings.Inside the courtroom, the public gallery was a portion at the back with stadium like seats.The barristers and solicitors sat in the middle area and the Judge in a raised box at the front.On the right was the defendants box and on the left was the claimants. I sat at the back facing the judge. The case in hearing was one about a stolen car. This case involved the claimants car was stolen from a parking outside a supermarket. The defendant on the other hand claimed he bought the same car legally from a local dealer.The c laimant was the first to employ an account of the events that led to the disappearance of his vehicle. He said that he had parked his car outside the supermarket and went intimate to shop. After shopping, he came out only to find his car missing. He immediately rushed to the law of nature station to report the incident. The car was found two weeks later driven by the defendant hardly under different allowance. Soon after the claimant had finished narrating his ordeal, the defendant claimed he was not a pirate and that he had just bought the said car from a local dealer. He presented all formal registration documents to prove he was the owner of the vehicle.The claimants barrister insisted that the defendant was aware that the car was stolen and participated in forgery of young documents. The defendant denied that and had to answer a series of questions from the claimants barrister as he was cross examined. After the defendants

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