Wednesday, May 8, 2019

You chose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

You chose - undertake ExampleThe disaster evolved, as a result of, two basic factors. Seemingly, the hurricane itself and the collapse of the levees that protected the city were built below the sea level. These aspects made Katrina a more complex natural disaster to shinny leading to industrial disaster, evacuation challenges, widespread of poisonous pollution, persistent flooding and unprecedented public concerns regarding kind-hearted safety.The protection against the Katrina is reflected to start with the weather forecasting team early 2005. The meteorologists warned people surrounding the Gulf seacoast region to evacuate the region. Additionally, the National Weather Service was concerned in that it warned people that after the assault the area will be uninhabitable hence it advised people for looking alternative places to roost until it was over. The protection efforts by the federal government were seen to be executed by the Federal Emergency anxiety Agency. People in t he New Orleans were to evacuate and seek for new shelter. However, the government had allowed some of the tribe that could non leave the town immediately to occupy the Morial Complex. Jointly, FEMA officials and an emergency-preparedness contractor advised FEMA that the evacuation process was not effective as it lacked sufficient transportation for the large population.There are different techniques that FEMA and other applicable authorities adopted for the mitigation process for the Katrina Hurricane. For instance, the University of Mississippi adopted the radio-controlled warning systems that warned of the Tornado. FEMA addressed and initiated Diamondhead homes in the Coastal regions that could prevent the people from future floods and injuries. It included a reinforced and laminated beams along the ceilings enhanced the roofs capability to anchor themselves. After such an event, the constructions of the houses in the affected areas were subjected to the International Resident ial

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