Monday, May 27, 2019

Significant Event

One of these events stands out in particular to me and had he greatest impact in my life. Physically disciplining a child has a dramatic impact on both the child as well as the parent. As a child I remember that for any fine misbehaver resulted in a physical penalization as well as getting yelled at, as time went by my mind was set that I already knew when the beating was going to come. My family continue to be very big on respect and discipline, but at the time little did they know that by hitting us they werent just punishing us for a little while, they were in fact pushing us away and causing frustration, at clock even hatred.I also researched that in result of physically handicaping children increases their risk of mental illness, in which resulted when I came upon this article which states that Its pretty well established that physically harming children has a negative impact on mental health, but this is showing the same effect even when you look at milder forms of physical force. This is saying that physical punishment should not be used on children of any age. Each perspective has its strengths and weaknesses, which brings difference to our understanding of the human behavior.In my situation am going to go with the behavioral perspective, as well as the psychodrama perspective. By looking at the physical punishment from a behaviorism perspective, conditioning by pain requires that the consequence ever occurs immediately after every incident. The psychodrama perspective states that in puerility certain incidents may occur that produce behaviors in their adulthood. Many different conflicts throughout childhood development shape overall personality. Observational learning refers to learning that occurs as a function of observing, and placating behavior observed in which is particular during childhood.I later figured out that the way my mother and aunts were physically punishing me, resulted in the fact that they learned from my grandmother, they co mpletely mimicked the way my grandmother punished them. As I grew older I began to express myself to them in a matter that I felt curious I began to question why would they always physically harm my cousins as well as myself, their excuse still remains the exact same in which they say That it is simply something they grew up seeing on a daily basis. SST memories are not always accurate which can result in a blur, but do believe that it depends on how brutal was the situation. There are many memories do vividly remember from my childhood but they are also plenty which dont necessarily remember everything, at measure will looking at certain photos and remember exactly what I did that particular day, so I do think that it all just depends on the importance of the situation. Although do in fact accurately remember many different situations in which was hit, many of which I now think back ND know that could have been easily solved with just a simple conversation.

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