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Challenges of quantitative research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Challenges of quantifiable - Research Paper ExampleThere atomic number 18 two kinds of interrogation styles which argon qualitative and quantitative researches. The values and norms of these researches atomic number 18 comp allowely different (Thompson, 68-70). The use of regularitys which are used for applying these researches requires development of specific understanding. There have been negating views which supplement the importance of both the researches. vicenary research methods are used by the researchers when they wish to make statements of situations which might take place in a population. This research style is based on probabilistic measures which do the basis of the theory. In this form of study the researcher has access to the info set of the population. Based on this data of the population samples are taken for pursuing the research. The concepts of data collection which form essential components of quantitative researches include sampling erroneous belief m ethod, random sampling and sampling bias method of data collection (Thompson, 68-70). Quantitative method of research is used specifically when the researchers base their studies on chance (or probability). In this report a discussion go forth be presented on challenges of conducting quantitative research. Specific application of research strategy based on IT teaching method and its application for conducting a quantitative research will also be discussed. ... The analysis aids in measuring the ways in which a large population of people behave in non-homogeneous different situations (Bernard et al., 175-198). The quantitative data is formed on the basis of research techniques and gathering of quantitative data (Mahoney and Goertz, 227-249). The results of this data are measured as expressed in the form of percentages or either it is delineated numerically, for example when the companies wish to calculate the overall brand awareness of the customers they use the quantitative styl e of research. The coiffe to this question which is a major purpose of this research will give numeric representation lets say 15% of the respondents are familiar with the brand and its presence in the markets. The advantages of quantitative researches are that all the variable used which includes dependent and independent variables and the associated results of those variables can be analyzed independently. With the use of quantitative researches hypothesis can be tested very effectively (Smith, 6-13). The major drawback of using quantitative method of analysis is that huge sets of data are required for calculation. The collection of such huge sets of data requires a lot of work (Cohen, 155-159). CHALLENGES OF CONDUCTING QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH The challenges which the researchers most commonly have to face while conducting the researches are availability and lack of details, missing variables, relative sampling of large data and methodological limitation (Firestone, 16-21). 1. ava ilability And Lack Of Details Quantitative researches are criticized for lack of details as the researchers face difficulty in collecting the data. The quantitative research methods require finding public opinion with the use of

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