Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Teacher Interview (Behavior) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Teacher Interview (Behavior) - canvas ExampleWhen students were non on good behavior, they would welcome a warning for the first offense. Then, with the 2nd offense, the student would lose 15 minutes of recess and with the 3rd offense, they would lose 20 minutes of recess and receive a call home. The teacher believed that these problems occurred from students being bored or restless in the less organize time period of the transition. Interview 2 4th grade classroom In this interview, the teacher fix that most behavior problems occurred during long periods of quiet, individual seat work. Examples would be during mathematics drill times or when working on book worksheets. The most common problems were talking, not being on task, being libertine to other students and moving around the room. The classroom management system in places used positive and oppose reinforcement to manage student behavior. The teacher modeled a checkbook system, which not only allowed children to manufa cture more knowledgeable about checks and checkbooks, but help them practice practically applied addition and minus as well. Students receive a check for $30 in the morning, each school day. Students who are not on good behavior receive a warning for the first offense.

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