Monday, May 6, 2019

Project Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

ensure Environment - Essay ExampleProject management is commonly designed to fit into the scope of the view in question. Some stand outs are big than others and actually may comprise of a series of projects. In this suit of clothes such(prenominal) projects are unremarkably referred to as programmes. For instance a project including some(a) construction of an airport, roads returning to the airport, community facilities such as schools as well as a series of other related projects comprises of a truly big project and there is a programme. Wembley stadium project is one of the biggest projects in the UK in the new-fashioned history (Nicholas, 2004).The Wembley National Stadium Project stretched over a period of 6 years and woo in excess of over ten billion pounds. Lessons learnt from management of the Wembley project as well as other projects serve as great case studies for organisational management peculiarly in regard to how to mention the challenges which happen in the process of organisational in change management, conflict resolution, stakeholder management as well as aligning an organisational strategy to the organisational mission.One of the major reasons why projects are conceived is the fact that there are require in the community, in the organisation or in the society, which needs to be addressed. Project management identifies a pressing need or pressing needs, which it sets out to address by offering the necessary correctional measures. Once the needs support been identified by using the right needs assessment tools, the future(a) step is to prioritise the needs identified in order of priority. Once the deserving cases have been isolated, the project is conceived probably by the change initiators who may include the government, community leaders, the management of the organisation or individuals who have an interest in the project. One of the greatest considerations before initiating a change in form of a project is to analyse the res ources required in the project completion. The greatest affright which faces any project prior to initiation or even during the implementation process is the fact that no matter the status of personal matters in an organisation or in a given setting there are some good deal who benefit from the given status. It is such people who pose the greatest threat to the change initiators for project conception in that they offer stiff resistance to the change initiation. Such opponents to change are usually people who benefit from the current state of affairs and see the change as a threat to the status quo, which they benefit from. Therefore there is a need for project managers to identify such people who fail to welcome the change and mange them properly. In some cases those who offer the greatest resistance in case of projects are key stakeholders in the project and therefore their continued resistance to the project may lead to the failure of the project. For example a project like th e Wembley National Stadium came under opposition from the local community. Until the standoff between the project management and the local community was resolved it was impossible to move on with the project. In some projects the government may be reluctant to offer the necessary support especially in terms of issuing the right kind of licences.This

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