Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Perspective on Cosmopolitanism in Media Research Paper

A Perspective on Cosmopolitanism in Media - Research Paper Example This perspective on media and cosmopolitanism takes on a variety of forms, some more extreme and nefarious than others. It should be no surprise that a great degree of analysis on this issue has within it considerations one might imagine finding in anthropological or ethnographic reporting. In these regards, the theorists have also considered a means by which journalists can more accurately present information as a means of valorizing rather than reducing culture on a global context. In these regards, rather than advancing notions of cultural myths or resonant symbols, it’s argued that evidenced-based reporting should occur that investigates interactions or unique means of understanding the cultural dynamics of the region. While this perspective does not overtly reveal the extent to which cosmopolitanism alters individuals’ beliefs or culture, it does assume that to an extent journalism shapes beliefs and as a result, must be constructed in a conscientious way. In some regards, it’s argued that this media presentation of culture is in a way in a theoretical conflict or war in terms of defining cultural aspects. Robertson, citing Silverstone, states, â€Å"Silverstone developed the notion of ‘mediapolis’ to describe the moral space in which such construction work takes place: a space ‘in which the world appears and in which the world is constituted in its worldliness, and through which we learn about those who are and who are not like us’ (Robertson, pg. 13). In these regards, rather than viewing the media as a single monolithic entity of the dominant culture, it is a dominant culture entity with pluralistic perspectives competing and clashing for the most viable interpretation or cultural presentation.

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