Monday, August 26, 2019

The importance of thinking adoption first when choosing a pet Research Paper

The importance of thinking adoption first when choosing a pet - Research Paper Example Rather than selecting a pet from an animal breeding farm, adopting an abandoned animal from a shelter, is increasingly gaining importance. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate why adoption should be considered first when choosing a pet. Further, the use of pets in shelters as resources for adoption by healthcare institutions and other facilities will be examined. The Lucrative Breeding of Animals for the Pet-Supply Industry It was estimated in 2004 that the American pet-supply industry sales produced profits of over $23 billion every year, and that it would to continue rising. The increase in companion animals is considered by professionals in the industry as a positive sign people are appreciating the value of pets. However, a contrasting picture is revealed by the number of these ‘valued’ pets entering shelters and being euthanized. â€Å"Because the pet-supply industry is so lucrative, businesses put significant effort into marketing their pr oducts to the pet consumer† (Fournier & Geller 61). Media advertising also plays a major role in pet-supply sales, thereby contributing to overpopulation of pet animals. â€Å"Puppy mills† is the descriptive, derogatory term used for dog breeding farms that produce and supply puppies to pet stores. Strategies to terminate such enterprises include â€Å"educational programs to encourage adoption of pets from animal shelters† (Guither 108), promoting legislation to regulate and license dog breeding enterprises, and requiring pet stores to give the source of the animals they offer for sale. Some animal rights groups claim that policies have not been enforced against commercial dog breeding, and inspectors have not examined the animals in commercial breeding facilities. People wanting to buy a pet are advised by animal rights groups to buy from small family enterprises where puppies are well cared for and free from disease. Most animal welfare organizations â€Å"pr omote spaying and neutering to reduce the number of unwanted animals being born† (Guither 108). These campaigns have resulted in reducing the euthanization of homeless dogs and cats at the shelters. The Abandonment of Pets at Animal Shelters In the United States, every year millions of dogs and other companion animals are abandoned by their owners at animal shelters. Organizations such as the Humane Society operate thousands of shelters across the country, and do their best to provide temporary housing and other services to abandoned animals. Crucially, they attempt to find the animals permanent homes. Unfortunately, however, the numbers of abandoned animals are far greater than the number of people and families wanting to adopt them. Consequently, millions of animals are put to death every year to make room for new pets brought to the shelters. â€Å"One of the reasons most often cited by people who leave their former pets, usually dogs, at animal shelters is that the animal s engage in problem behaviors† (McDonald, Caso & Fugit 311) that their owners find difficult to deal with. Most of the members of animal rights groups do not approve of pet owning, considering it to be unethical, and a form of â€Å"fascism† or dictatorship, based on Americans’ treatment of their pets as materialistic commodities. To maintain ethical values in pet ownership, Guither (p.107) states that stewardship and not ownership should be the norm for companion animal care. The services offered by shelters, spaying and neute

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