Monday, August 12, 2019

American Civil War in World History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

American Civil War in World History - Essay Example Brauer, Kinley. Civil War Diplomacy (Encyclopedia of the New American Nation, 1990) (Accessed: May3, 2015). According to this source, diplomacy was an important part of the American Civil War. Both the Federal North and the confederacy South were involved in high level diplomacy with the international community, most especially with Europe. There was no doubt in the minds of both the North and the South that without the European support, secession of the South was just an illusion. According to this article by Kinley Brauer, while the armies were involved in confrontations on different battlefronts, the diplomatic wars were also accelerating. The North’s major interest was to first prevent the diplomatic recognition of the Confederacy, which would have automatically seen the secession of the South become unstoppable. The North also fought the diplomatic war to ensure that the South did not receive military su pplies, or any other form of encouragement to secede from Europe. This source is very important in reacting the diplomatic-perspective understanding of the American Civil War, while also citing who were the international supporters of secession or union.Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson. The Civil War: Its Nature and End. No. 4.This source presents both the view of the federal north on the rebellion in the South, as well as the possibility of the international community intervening in the American Civil War.

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