Friday, August 9, 2019

Db3 team and leadership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Db3 team and leadership - Research Paper Example In business, changes are a natural part of its lifecycle. Organizational changes bear anxiety across all levels of the corporate hierarchy even in the best of times. What leaders should be ready to, is the resistance to change that comes from the employees’ fear of the unknown or an expectation of loss.  As a leader, the employer should discuss all possible changes with the employees and reduce such resistance or to lead it to a manageable level. An employer may encourage its employees by demonstrating innovative thinking, it means proving that changes within the organization are for good. This may include series of meetings, discussion sessions about the potential pros and cons of the changes. A good leader will always show one’s respect for other’s perspectives and ideas. Delegating is another way for the leader to prepare its employees for changes. Rather than thinking on the possible problem that may occur during the new period, it is useful to ask employee s how they plan to deal with possible issues. When the organization starts it work, there are no procedures or special rules. With time, they appear, confusing employees, making them scare of the possible changes of their stable and scheduled work, which they had performed for a certain time. However, as practice shows, the proper discussion and the explanation of those necessary changes (whether it is the implementation of the procedure or other organizational changes) lead to mutual understanding between leaders and employees. Why Were So Afraid of Change -- And Why That Holds Businesses  Back, (2013). The Forbes, Available from

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