Sunday, August 25, 2019

Managing Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing Change - Essay Example es on timely delivery of the goods assigned to it, raised satisfaction of the clients and the process depends on the quickness of the staffs and machinery associated. Staffs of the company undertakes major roles in various segments entailing the roads , taxi truck, sea freight, air express, transit store, customs and air VIP. The restructuring mainly focuses on the organization of the staffs and realignment of the machineries applied in working of the Express-Link system. The design of the current and appropriate interventions aimed at moving the firm from the current state to the future prospected level thus by tackling its limitations and moving on forward. The action plan also addresses the essence of the internal politics, leadership in execution of the changes and culture in the organization by further elaborating on the account type, depth and range of the change entailed program. The action plan also considers the recommendations regarding how the prospected change should be i nstitutionalized by considering features of the firm. The clear and vivid development of the parts and portions of the action plan is aimed at presenting coherent, well supported and logically structured model. The output action plan is a contributed process with agents of change ready to work on the tasks that conform to the roles of the external change agents and inclination on evaluating the different approaches to the team members on every intervention, implementation and institutionalization stages (Jones, Jimmieson, & Griffiths, 2005). The Organizational Development interventions must be adopted by the Express-Link. The essence of the planned change interventions which extensively reveal a sets if structured activities that selected organizational units or even the target groups undertake task and even sequence of certain critical tasks with aimed goals having organizational improvement and other distinct individual tasks. The actual interventions are aimed at moving the

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