Saturday, August 10, 2019

A vision for improving the relationship between doctors and nurses in Research Paper

A vision for improving the relationship between doctors and nurses in the emergency department - Research Paper Example Research shows that, which is also my feeling, there is still a traditional gender and economic hierarchical relationship gap that exists between doctors and nurses. The gap effects the ability of nurses and doctors to work cohesively and develop solidarity. The emergency department requires that nurses and doctors have a close knitted working association as they rely on each other’s skills along with those of the team to result to merits for the patients and the staff. The feeling among nurses is that they have to modify their approach and patient care to doctors with information and evidence so that the input they make is not done away with by the doctors. It is my vision that there is leadership, which backs the enactment of nurse and doctor teamwork training by undertaking things like pledging to the availing of the conditions, financing, and continuing resources essential to the development of this vital relationship. Moreover, backing up the association has been shown to aid in the reduction of burnout, ensure the attainment of common goals, enhance job contentment, improved retention and working environment that are all fundamental. According to Athlin, Ulrica, and Farrohknia (2013, p. 2), mulit-professional teams have been shown to enhance the quality of care availed in emergency departments. The research notes that teamwork is essential for the movement of patients in and out of the emergency department. However, it is noted that there are few evaluations touching on teamwork in this department. The study examines the setting of an adult emergency department in a Swedish university hospital (Athlin et al., 2013, p. 2). It is noted that the hospital utilisd the traditional manner of healtcare in the emergency department whereby the doctors worked with any nurse who was available. However, the study sought to show the importance of an improved working relationship between nurses and doctors through an intervention. The

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